Restricted To SSN

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Restricting payments to a specific Social Security Number (SSN)

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Restrict Payments To A Social Security Number

Swedbank Pay provides the possibility to restrict payments to a Social Security Number for payment instruments which support this. This can be used when you want to make sure you only accept payments from an already identified individual.

You do this by adding the field restrictedToSocialSecurityNumber in the payer field, in your payment order request, and setting it to true. This will leave out all instruments which do not support this feature.

It will then use the socialSecurityNumber located in the nationalIdentifier field (found within the payer field). The nationalIdentifier must be included to use this feature. Instruments supporting the feature will reject payments that do not match the restriction.

If you want to use the Social Security Number just for payment restrictions, and not do a checkout profile lookup, add the parameter guestMode in the nationalIdentifier field and set it to true.

You are currently only able to restrict Swish and Trustly payments to a Social Security Number, but we will add support for more payment instruments going forward. No changes are required at your (the merchant’s) end to be able to offer more instruments at a later time.

Restrict To Social Security Number Request

The field itself is a bool which must be added in the payer field of the request. Below is a shortened example of a payment order request. Apart from the new field, the payment request is similar to a standard payment order request. For an example of a payment order request, click here.
The response will be similar to a standard payment order response, which is also documented on the page linked above.


POST /psp/paymentorders HTTP/1.1
Host: api.externalintegration.payex.com
Authorization: Bearer <AccessToken>
Content-Type: application/json

    "paymentorder": {
    "payer": {
            "digitalProducts": false,
            "nationalIdentifier": {
                "socialSecurityNumber": "199710202392",
                "countryCode": "SE",
                "guestMode": true
            "restrictedToSocialSecurityNumber": true,
            "firstName": "Leia",
            "lastName": "Ahlström",
            "email": "leia@payex.com",
            "msisdn": "+46787654321",
            "payerReference": "AB1234"
Required Field Type Description
  payer object The payer object containing information about the payer relevant for the payment order.
  digitalProducts bool Set to true for merchants who only sell digital goods and only require email and/or msisdn as shipping details. Set to false if the merchant also sells physical goods.
  nationalIdentifier object The national identifier object.
  socialSecurityNumber string The payer’s social security number.
  countryCode string The country code of the payer.
  guestMode bool Set to true if you do not want to do a lookup to checkout profile, and only want to use the Social Security Number to restrict a payment.
  restrictedToSocialSecurityNumber bool Set to true if you want to restrict your payment to a Social Security Number.
check firstName string The first name of the payer.
check lastName string The last name of the payer.
  email string The e-mail address of the payer. Will be used to prefill the Checkin as well as on the payer’s profile, if not already set. Increases the chance for frictionless 3-D Secure 2 flow.
  msisdn string The mobile phone number of the Payer. Will be prefilled on Checkin page and used on the payer’s profile, if not already set. The mobile number must have a country code prefix and be 8 to 15 digits in length. The field is related to 3-D Secure 2.
  payerReference string A reference used in Enterprise integrations to recognize the payer in the absence of SSN and/or a secure login. Read more about this in the payerReference feature section.