Payments Only

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Payments Only is the Checkout for merchants who does everything but the payment menu.

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Payments Only is where you get to be in charge of everything. You handle the consumer verification with a strong customer authentication, collect the consumer information needed to calculate shipping costs, and store the information yourself. We provide you with our full range of payment methods.

There are two ways of integrating the Payments Only implementation. Redirect and Seamless View.

With Redirect, the payer is sent to a Swedbank Pay page, where we handle the purchase process. The payer is redirected back to you when the purchase is completed or if the payer aborts the purchase. The purchase page will be styled by Swedbank Pay.

With Seamless View, the payer stays at your site, and you initiate the Swedbank Pay purchase module in an iframe. The purchase component will be styled by Swedbank Pay.

Read more about our two integration alternatives by clicking the links below.

This product supports Danish da-DK, English (US) en-US, Finnish fi-FI, Norwegian nb-NO, and Swedish sv-SE.