Starter Checkout is for you who want Swedbank Pay to handle everything.

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This is the option where Swedbank Pay does it all. Verifying your consumer, collecting billing and shipping addresses, storing consumer information and providing you with the full range of available payment methods.

The only way of integrating our Starter implementation is Seamless View.

With Seamless View, the payer stays at your site, and you initiate the Swedbank Pay authentication and purchase module in an iframe. The checkin and purchase component will be styled by Swedbank Pay.

Read more about the integration by clicking the link below.

While the payment menu supports Danish da-DK, English (US) en-US, Finnish fi-FI, Norwegian nb-NO, and Swedish sv-SE, our Checkin only supports English (US) en-US, Norwegian nb-NO, and Swedish sv-SE. We strongly advise you to use a language which is supported in both modules for the best user experience.