Mobile SDK

Merchant Backend Sample Code

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You can use Swedbank Pay provided sample code to jump-start your Swedbank Pay Mobile SDK application.



The SDK is at an early stage of development and is not supported as of yet by Swedbank Pay. It is provided as a convenience to speed up your development, so please feel free to play around. However, if you need support, please wait for a future, stable release.

You can find sample implementations of the Merchant Backend at this Github repository. Currently there are available the following:

Please refer to the sample code documentation for instructions for running a local development server, and/or deploying to selected cloud services. Do note that if you are running a local server over http, you will need to allow insecure communications in the mobile application; otherwise any payments will immediately fail due to a security error.

The samples provide a fully functioning API for the SDK, but the implementations are, of course, devoid of any business logic. They should, nevertheless, provide a good starting point toward integration with your business systems.