Payment Menu

Payment Menu

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The Swedbank Pay Payment Menu integrates seamlessly into the merchant website, allowing the payer to choose between the increasing number of payment instrument Swedbank Pay has on offer and remembering which instrument they prefer and have paid with previously.

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Swedbank Pay Payment Menu allows your customers to pay with their favorite payment instruments in just a few simple steps.


To start integrating Swedbank Pay Payment Menu, you need the following:

  • HTTPS enabled web server.
  • Agreement that includes Swedbank Pay Payment Menu.
  • Obtained credentials (merchant Access Token) from Swedbank Pay through the Merchant Portal.


To get started with Swedbank Pay Payment Menu, you should learn about its different components and how they work together. Payment Menu authorizes the payment with our Payment Menu API. The next step is to Capture the payment. You can either capture the total amount, or do a part-capture (as described under After Payment). Connect these steps and you have Swedbank Pay Payment Menu.