Swedbank Pay MobilePay Online Payments

MobilePay is the fast and simple way of paying with your mobile phone, reaching more than 4 million Danish end-users.

MobilePay is the main Danish payment app for mobile phones, making it one of the essential payment instruments for merchants operating in Denmark. More than 4 million Danes are users of the app, and more than 100,000 merchants are accepting payments. We offer it on our redirect and seamless view platforms.

Purchase flow

After the payment is created, the consumer is redirected to MobilePay’s own payment page where the phone number is entered, and a push message is sent to the phone.

screenshot of the MobilePay number input page

A countdown is shown in the browser and the payment request will appear in the app, waiting to be confirmed by the consumer. If you are using the redirect option, the consumer will be redirected back to the merchant’s site.

Good To Know


Authorization (two-phase): The intent of a MobilePay Online purchase is always Authorization. The amount will be reserved but not charged. You will later (i.e. if a physical product, when you are ready to ship the purchased products) have to make a Capture or Cancel request.

Payment Type

MobilePay Online is one of the instruments using two-phase payments. The authorization is done when the consumer successfully confirms in the app, and the abort, cancel, capture or reversal is done by the merchant at a later time. Read more about the different operations and the payment resource.


MobilePay Online transactions are handled, processed and settled as card transactions in our system. They are, however, tagged as MobilePay Online transactions and have their own acquirer agreement, so the two payment instruments are settled separately.

3-D Secure

As MobilePay Online transactions are processed as card transactions, a 3-D Secure agreement is needed to complete the payment instrument setup. This information is provided to you by your acquirer when you set up your agreement with them. If you offer both Card Payments and MobilePay Online, you will need two separate 3-D Secure agreements, one for each payment instrument. Apart from the agreement with the acquirer, no further 3-D Secure compliance is required from you as a merchant in this regard.


MobilePay Online is unfortunately not available in our demoshop at the moment, but it will be in the future. The demoshop in the test environments will use a fakeservice which enables you to test a successful purchase without using the MobilePay app.


​MobilePay supports the following languages: Danish da-DK, English (US) en-US, Finnish fi-FI, Norwegian nb-NO and Swedish sv-SE.

Payment availability

Even though MobilePay supports several currencies, the payment instrument itself is only available for consumers in Denmark and Finland. This allows a shop in Norway to take payments in NOK from a Danish payer if the shop supports shipping to Denmark, for instance.