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The latest updates about our releases will be published on this page.

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Version numbers: The version numbers used in headers on this page refers to the version of this very documentation, not to a version of any APIs described by it.

31 January 2023

Version 3.1.8

Bigger things are coming up around the bend, so we are stopping by with some smaller fixes and a Checkout v3 matrix giving you a better overview over which payment instruments v3 has to offer, and the countries they are available.

We’ll be back soon!

17 January 2023

Version 3.1.7

We kick off the new year with a new field in our payment order request. Your Checkout v3 implementation of choice is now added in the request, and it is mandatory for our business implementation. Version 2 of the balance report and transaction list is our second newcomer this release. Head over to Settlement & Reconciliation to learn more.

We have added a paid status model to Checkout v2 and Payment menu, and the update payment order section is added to Checkout v3.

15 December 2022

Version 3.1.6

Our last update in 2022 mainly consists of clean-ups and fixes, but the most important changes are bin and msidn fields added (where they are relevant) to Paid resource model and Paid status model, plus a small rework of Age restrictions.

Happy holidays, everyone! We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

29 November 2022

Version 3.1.5

Our penultimate release of the year has a few things up its sleeve. The most exciting being the new capabilities Cross Channel Payments, Automated Fuel Dispenser Payments, SSN and Age restrictions. We’ve also added some new fields in the Paid and Cancelled models, a new Payer resource model. Please note the organization number added to the essential information for Checkout v3 set ups. Apart from that, there are no releases without typo corrections and bug fixes.

20 September 2022

Version 3.1.3

Another small one. We’ve added Checkout v3 paid responses for all instruments in both status and resource-models, finished up the headers which was missing, added MobilePay to Request Delivery Information and done away with some more bugs and typos.

02 September 2022

Version 3.1.2

We have been picking up steam since our summer break, hitting full throttle as September arrived. A smaller release this time around, but there are some important additions nonetheless. We have added a siteID field to checkout v3 implementations, re-worked nearly all headers across the portal to make navigation easier, added a section on deleting payment tokens, along with the usual batch of assorted bug fixes and typos.

01 July 2022

Version 3.1.1

A release filled with leftovers before we clock out for summer. Mostly small fixes in code examples and tables, but the most important additions are the new fields added in the paid resource model. Have a great summer!

22 June 2022

Version 3.1.0

Summer has finally arrived, and we have quite a treat waiting in our final release before the vacation pulse kicks in. Without further ado: We now proudly offer Apple Pay! It is available in all our Checkout v3 implementations and integrations. There are a couple of other new additions as well:

04 April 2022

Version 3.0.3

16 March 2022

Version 3.0.2

24 February 2022

Version 3.0.1

  • Added descriptive card icons
  • Added Payer Aware Payment Menu
  • Added new screenshots for Checkout v3 implementations
  • Rewrote instrument mode section
  • Reorganized features in the sidebar
  • Fixed internal links

18 February 2022

Version 3.0.0

It’s been a minute, but the day is finally here. We can proudly present Checkout version 3.0! The same range of payment instruments, checkin options and features as always, but since different merchants have different needs, we’ve made it easier for you to get the checkout experience which fits you best. So, what’s new?

  • Four Checkout implementations tailor-made for different needs and wishes: Starter, Business, Enterprise or Payments Only. We’ve summed them up to help you find the right fit and get started.
  • Each implementation starts off with a guide to set up your test account quickly.
  • Want to see the new implementations in action? Head over to the demoshop.
  • We’ve put the sequence diagrams in a separate section.
  • The Seamless View events have been re-worked to make the integration smoother for you.
  • Renamed and gathered the Post Purchase options on one page. The rest of the features are still where they used to be.
  • We’ve given the front page a touch up, and given the new sections a slightly different look to distinguish them.
  • Already up on Checkout version 2.0? No worries. All the documentation is still available in the sidebar and here.

15 October 2021

Version 2.2.3

03 August 2021

Version 2.2.2

19 May 2021

Version 2.2.1

30 Apr 2021

Version 2.2.0

28 Jan 2021

Version 2.1.2

  • Updated Theme version to 1.9.9
  • Updated Design Guide Version to 5.0.1

26 Jan 2021

Version 2.1.0

  • Updated theme with visual fixes
  • Search icon is now clickable
  • Various bug fixes
  • Various corrections and typo fixes
  • Re-worded split settlement
  • Clarified that callback is a fail-safe
  • Updated tables and code examples with payerReference in various places, like card purchase
  • Updated Mobile SDK configurations for both iOS and Android to include integration with custom backends
  • Updated GitHub references for Mobile SDK
  • Re-wrote Prices section

01 Dec 2020

Version 2.0.2

  • Various bug fixes
  • Various corrections and typo fixes
  • Corrected information about 3D-Secure
  • Added paragraphs about different consumer flows in Checkin
  • Added link to gift card on the front page

12 Nov 2020

Version 2.0.1

11 Nov 2020

Version 2.0.0

Launched new developer portal theme:

  • New design
  • New menu structure
  • Reading time

Other changes:

04 Sep 2020

Version 1.13.3

28 Aug 2020

Version 1.13.2

21 Aug 2020

Version 1.13.1

17 Jul 2020

Version 1.13.0

10 Jul 2020

Version 1.12.1

  • Corrected the documentation by removing generatePaymentToken and paymentToken from Checkout.

07 Jul 2020

Version 1.12.0

  • Added information on 3-D Secure 2 for Checkout and Card Payments.
  • Updated reconciliation files in Settlement & Reconciliation.
  • Added test card for Forbrugsforeningen in Test data.
  • Documented paid, failed and aborted across all resources.
  • Added additional information on payerReference, generateRecurrenceToken, paymentToken, generatePaymentToken, recurrenceToken and instrument for the paymentorder resource in Checkout.
  • Corrected and updated view- operations for all resources.
  • Updated Seamless View Events for all resources.
  • Described nonPaymentToken and externalNonPaymentToken in Card Payments.
  • Small corrections to Swish Payments documentation.
  • Clarified the updateOrder documentation.

04 Jun 2020

Version 1.11.1

29 May 2020

Version 1.11.0

22 May 2020

Version 1.10.1

14 May 2020

Version 1.10.0

07 May 2020

Version 1.9.2

Version 1.9.1

  • Corrected sequence diagrams in Swish Payments and Vipps Payments.
  • The description field is now more thoroughly described for all requests it’s present in.
  • The language field is now better described for all requests it’s present in.
  • All broken links should now be unbroken.

22 Apr 2020

Version 1.9.0

15 Apr 2020

Version 1.8.3

Version 1.8.2

31 Mar 2020

Version 1.8.1

  • Documented allowed characters in orderItem.class.
  • Added receiptReference in Invoice Payments and Payment Order in capture and reversal.
  • Callback is now moved to Other features in all payments instruments.
  • Clean up of MobilePay.
  • Corrected the address of Leia Ahlström in Test Data.
  • Updated the documentation in Card Payments to recommend using shippingAddress.
  • Updated payeeReference to have an unique description for Payment Order and every Payment Instrument.

18 Mar 2020

Version 1.8.0

Version 1.7.7

This change contains build updates for the page. :octocat:

04 Mar 2020

Version 1.7.6

  • Several links has been corrected. The chance of 404 is now much lower.
  • Other small text changes and clarifications.

03 Mar 2020

Version 1.7.5

  • New page! Technical reference into has been moved from the front page to technical information.
  • Front page got a slimmer look. :swimmer:
  • Abort reference is back in credit card reference.
  • Swish error code reference got a face lift, check it out here :candy:.

Version 1.7.4

27 Feb 2020

Version 1.7.3

  • Expanded information about the field restrictedToInstruments.
  • Added information about the field receiptReference.
  • Added and fixed several missing headings in template files.
  • Expanded information about verify.
  • Created new page for Checkout Capture.
  • Mobile Pay Online was previously only referred to as Mobile Pay, this has been corrected.

7 Feb 2020

Version 1.7.2

6 Feb 2020

Version 1.7.1

All sections have been released. :trophy:

Version 1.7.0

  • README is updated with info about includes.
  • Added several includes.
  • Updated payeeReference description in Checkout and Invoice section.
  • Using snake case consistently.
  • Added section for unscheduled purchase in Card section.
  • Fixed JavaScript example in Checkin section.
  • Added info about mobile verification in Swish Other Features.
  • Added section about Authenticated Merchants in Checkout section.
  • Cleanup in Vipps Other Features.
  • paymentRestrictedToAgeLimit and paymentRestrictedToSocialSecurityNumber added to swish object in Swish Redirect. paymentAgeLimit , socialSecurityNumber added to the new payerInfo object in Swish Seamless View. Properties added in Swish.
  • Added section about migration key in Resources section.

29 Jan 2020

Version 1.6.3

  • restrictedToInstruments added back to Payment Order purchase requests.
  • Direct Debit section and mentions in various includes removed.
  • Various improvements and fixes.

Version 1.6.2

Version 1.6.1

27 Jan 2020

Version 1.6.0

  • Credit Payments (née “Credit Account”) sections have been deleted from the Swedbank Pay Developer Portal.
  • The Swish Payments and Vipps Payments have received a few updates and are now ready for another round of review.
  • MobilePay Online Payments is now ready for review.
  • paymentAgeLimit is now added in Swish Payments.
  • The Terminology page is updated and 3-D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) , PSD2 and SCA explanations are added.
  • Added descriptions for Payment States And Transaction States everywhere appropriate.
  • Google Analytics has been added to Developer Portal.

16 Jan 2020

Version 1.5

09 Jan 2020

Version 1.4

22 Dec 2019

Update in checkin module

We have added support for specifying language as input in checkin module, language. Supported languages are Norwegian, Swedish and English. Consumers outside Sweden and Norway can now purchase in our Checkout service. You can specify supported countries for shipment in a new input parameter, shippingAddressRestrictedToCountryCodes, in our checkin module. Updated API specification can be found here. The parameters language and shippingAddressRestrictedToCountryCodes have replaced the former consumerCountryCode.

The parameters msisdn and email have been made obsolete due to GDPR rules. This information cannot be sent in without the explicit consent of the payer.

01 Nov 2019

Welcome, Swedbank Pay Developer Portal

PayEx’ Commerce offerings are being rebranded to Swedbank Pay and as a result of that rebranding, PayEx Checkout is now known as Swedbank Pay Checkout and its documentation can be found on here.

Support international phone numbers in Swish

We have added support for sending in international phone numbers in the request. Check our Swish documentation here. This is supported in API, and when payer’s enter their phone number on the payment page.

Order Items

The input parameter quantity in the orderItems field is now updated to decimal. You may send up to 4 decimals. See updated documentation here

01 Oct 2019

Payment Url Credit Card

We have added the URL field called paymentUrl for Card Seamless View (previously added for Vipps and Checkout), that will be used when the user is returned from 3rd party. The URL should represent the page in where the payment Seamless View was hosted originally, such as the checkout page, shopping cart page, or similar. Basically, paymentUrl should be set to the same URL as that of the page where the JavaScript for the hosted payment view was added, in order to initiate the payment. Please note that the paymentUrl must be able to invoke the same JavaScript URL from the same Payment as the one that initiated the payment originally, so it should include some sort of state identifier in the URL. The state identifier is the ID of the order, shopping cart or similar that has the URL of the Payment stored. When the JavaScript is invoked after return of the payer, they will either be redirected to the completeUrl (event onPaymentCompleted) or if payment has failed, see an error-message and get the option to retry the payment.

01 Aug 2019

Order Items in payment orders

On Payment Orders, itemDescriptions and vatSummary has been replaced with the more versatile and powerful orderItems. While itemDescriptions will continue to work, it is recommended that all integrations switch over to orderItems as soon as possible. When orderItems is used, itemDescriptions must be removed from all requests as the two cannot be used simultaneously.

Payment Url

For our Seamless Views (currently Vipps or in Checkout), we have added a new URL field called paymentUrl that will be used when user is returned from 3rd party. The URL should represent the page of where the payment seamless view was hosted originally, such as the checkout page, shopping cart page, or similar. Basically, paymentUrl should be set to the same URL as that of the page where the JavaScript for the hosted payment view was added to in order to initiate the payment. Please note that the paymentUrl must be able to invoke the same JavaScript URL from the same Payment or Payment Order as the one that initiated the payment originally, so it should include some sort of state identifier in the URL. The state identifier is the ID of the order, shopping cart or similar that has the URL of the Payment or Payment Order stored. When the JavaScript is invoked after return of the payer, they will either be redirected to the completeUrl, or, if payment failed, see an error message and get the option to retry the payment.

If paymentUrl is not implemented, retry of payments will not be possible in either individual payment instruments such as Vipps or in Checkout. It makes it more tedious to retry payment as the whole process including the creation of the payment or payment order needs to be performed again. With paymentUrl in place, the retry process becomes much more convenient for both the integration and the payer.