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Information about accessibility and WCAG

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We always strive to enhance and modernize our digital solution, so we have developed a fresh visual User Interface (UI) design for our Digital Payments.

Our design aims to elevate both the user experience and the visual appeal of our checkout web application. We incorporate the most current stylistic trends and concepts that our experience team has been diligently refining and implementing across the entire Swedbank Pay product lineup.

The design change encompasses various aspects, regardless if you use Swedbank Pays payment menu or our payment methods. Additionally, we ensure that the application complies with accessibility standards by making it compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 guidelines.

This commitment to accessibility guarantees that our checkout experience is user-friendly and inclusive for all individuals. Read more about the changes and how they support WCAG here.

If you are using our Seamless View integration, here are your custom styling options when the changes go live.