Redirecting the payer back to your site.

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Payment Url

For our Seamless Views, the field called paymentUrl will be used when the payer is redirected out of the Seamless View (the iframe). The payer is redirected out of frame when selecting payment methods which trigger SCA. This includes 3-D Secure card payments, installment account, invoice, MobilePay, monthly invoice payments, Trustly and Vipps.

The URL should represent the page of where the Payment Seamless View was hosted originally, such as the checkout page, shopping cart page, or similar. Basically, paymentUrl should be set to the same URL as that of the page where the JavaScript for the Seamless View was added to in order to initiate the payment process.


Please note that the paymentUrl must be able to invoke the same JavaScript URL from the same Payment as the one that initiated the payment process originally, so it should include some sort of state identifier in the URL. The state identifier is the ID of the order, shopping cart or similar that has the URL of the Payment stored.

With paymentUrl in place, the retry process becomes much more convenient for both the integration and the payer.