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February 27 2024

.Net SDK 1.3.24047

  • PaymentRequestResult now populates ProductName and PAN even if PaymentInstrumentData is missing.
  • Possibility to use OpenEx or OpenExAsync to set OperatorID and ShiftNumber that will be forwarded and seen in reports.
  • Possibility to attach purchase order Id by setting in in TransactionSetup when starting a payment.
  • Setting up the logfile will only be made once even if new instances is created. Filter is removed when calling Stop.
  • Calling Stop will stop and remove the listener
  • SplitPayment may be indicated in TranactionSetup and is sent to terminal to be forwarded to host.
  • Property type of TransactionSetup is always overridden and set to Refund if Refund or RefundAsync is called.
  • Default currency fixed when using TransactionSetup

February 6 2024

  • Documentation updated to reflect SDK release.
  • Text updated for TransactionSetup
  • Use case section, apm transaction, apm refund, cvm signtature and fuel card transaction and auto configuration of terminal IP in the POS.

January 25 2024

.Net SDK 1.3.24025

  • RequestToDisplay and UpdateTerminal have now corrected results.
  • ReverseLast now automatically makes retries if the terminal responds busy.
  • OnTerminalAddressObtainedEventCallback now with correct access modifier to be able to access Ipv4 and Port properties.

January 16 2024

.Net SDK 1.3.24016

  • CardAcquisitionReference is now a copy of POITransactionID. Earlier time was converted to local time and caused problem when an other timezone was used.
  • PaymentRequetsResult has now a lot of properties to make values easily available.

December 15 2023

.Net SDK version 1.3.23348

  • CVM signature transaction works just the same for Client Only mode as for default Client and Server mode.
  • ConfirmationHandler callback is a must even for Client Only mode.
  • EventCallback for PrintRequestEventCallback is a must even for Client Only mode.
  • Code Examples updated.

December 11 2023

.Net SDK Version 1.3

Extended interface with function RequestToPrint.

Extended TransactionSetup with a list of SaleItem to be used with fuel functionality.

ReceiptBlob and ReceiptBlobNoHeader has been shortened and compressed.

03 November 2023

.Net SDK Version 1.2

SDK for .Net has extended its interface with new methods for GetPaymentInstrument, Payment and Refund for which an object with parameters is passed. This was made to be able set a transaction id from the sale system.

ReceiptBlobNoHeader has been added to PaymentRequestResult.