Co-badge Dankort

Choose between the brands when using Visa/Dankort.

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Co-badge Card Choice For Dankort

Due to new EU regulations from 2016-06-09 regarding cards that have more than one payment application, we have developed support for the end users of Dankort to be able to choose their preferred payment application on the Swedbank Pay payment page. If you are a Dankort user, read more about this feature at Dankort.

As a merchant you can set a priority selection of payment application by contacting Swedbank Pay Support. The payer will always be able to override this priority selection on the payment page.

If you want more information about Co-badge Card Choice for Dankort users, please contact Swedbank Pay Support. The example below shows the payment window where the payer can choose between Dankort or Visa before completing the payment.

How It Looks

Co-badge Dankort cards with option to choose between Dankort and Visa before