Invoice is one of the easiest payment services where Swedbank Pay helps improve cashflow by purchasing merchant invoices. Choose between our Direct, Redirect and Seamless view integration options.

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The Direct integration puts the control in your hands. You control the collection of the purchase information and personal information before sending them to us. Swedbank Pay receives invoice data, which is used to produce and distribute invoices to the payer.


Redirect is the easiest way to implement Invoice Payments. Redirect will take your payer to a Swedbank Pay hosted payment page where they can perform a secure transaction. The payer will be redirected back to your website after the completion of the payment.


Seamless View is our solution for a payment experience that is integrated directly on your website. The payment process will be executed in an iframe on your page.

Important Steps Before You Launch Invoice At Your Website

Prior to launching Swedbank Pay Invoice Payments at your site, make sure that you have done the following:

  1. Sent a merchant logo in .JPG format to the Norwegian setup. The logo will be displayed on all your invoices. Minimum accepted size is 600x200 pixels, and at least 300 DPI.
  2. Included a link to “Terms and Conditions” for Invoice.

API Requests

You can create an invoice payment with the following operation options:

screenshot of the first Invoice redirect page

This payment method supports English (US) en-US, Norwegian nb-NO and Swedish sv-SE.

Invoice Flow

This is an example of the Redirect scenario. For other integrations, take a look at the respective sections. The sequence diagram below shows the two requests you have to send to Swedbank Pay to make a purchase. The diagram also shows the steps in a purchase process.

    Payer->>Merchant: Start purchase
    activate Merchant
    note left of Merchant: First API request
    Merchant->>-Swedbank Pay: POST <Invoice Payment> (operation=FinancingConsumer)
    activate Swedbank Pay
    Swedbank Pay-->>-Merchant: payment resource
    activate Merchant
    Merchant-->>-Payer: authorization page
    activate Payer
    note left of Payer: redirect to Swedbank Pay
    Payer->>-Swedbank Pay: enter payer details
    activate Swedbank Pay
    Swedbank Pay-->>-Payer: redirect to merchant
    activate Payer
    note left of Payer: redirect back to Merchant
    Payer->>Merchant: access merchant page
    activate Merchant
    note left of Merchant: Second API request
    Merchant->>+Swedbank Pay: GET <Invoice payment>
    Swedbank Pay-->>-Merchant: payment resource
    activate Merchant
    Merchant-->>-Payer: display purchase result