Swedbank Pay Developer Portal

Welcome to the Swedbank Pay Developer Portal. Please make your choice of product to integrate below or read on for more general information about Swedbank Pay’s API platform. If you are new to Swedbank Pay’s API Platform, you are strongly advised to read through our section with fundamental technical information.

Swedbank Pay


Speed up checkout by allowing your customers to check-in with Swedbank Pay, and pay with their favorite payment instruments through our payment menu.

Checkout Documentation
Swedbank Pay


Identify your customer, while we take care of the payment. Choose from our uniform and wide selection of payment instruments.

Payments Documentation

Swedbank Pay’s API Platform is built using the REST architectural style and the request and responses come in the JSON format. The API has predictable, resource-oriented URIs and use default HTTP features, like HTTP authentication (using OAuth 2), HTTP methods and headers. These techniques are widely used and understood by most HTTP client libraries.