Digital Payments


A brief introduction to implementing Digital Payments.

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Digital Payments is our easy and powerful e-commerce implementation, with a lot of flexibility for you as a merchant. You can choose if you want to display all the payment instruments enabled in your merchant setup, restrict the menu to a selection of instruments, or display a single payment instrument.

There are two versions of Digital Payments available in production at the moment. If you are a new merchant, you should implement v3.1. If you are an existing merchant, we recommend migrating to v3.1, but you are still able to use v3.0. Reach out to your technical contact person for guidance regarding this. Unless stated otherwise by the presence of a separate v3.1 page, there are no differences between the two alternatives.

To meet accessibility requirements, we have re-worked our payment UI. Click here to learn more about WCAG and the changes we have done. The payment UI can be displayed as a redirect integration, where the payer is redirected to a page hosted by us, or seamless view, where the payment UI is embedded in an iframe in your shop. It is developed to be mobile first, but works great regardless of browser and device.

We have made it easier for you to retrieve payment data in a standardized format by using the Paid resource, which we highly recommend for smoother integration.

With Digital Payments, you need to be able to collect, verify and store the payer data, including delivery address, and build your own checkout flow. We’ll store the card data for you, but you own it. This means that you have to remove data in compliance with GDPR, but you won’t have to worry about handling sensitive card info.

Use Cases


This implementation is available in Danish da-DK, English (US) en-US, Finnish fi-FI, Norwegian nb-NO, and Swedish sv-SE. You can choose the contents of your payment UI from the following payment instruments, somewhat depending on which countries you are operating in.


Digital Wallets: Some of the digital wallets we offer require you to take additional steps before we can activate them for you. Please follow the link(s) in the table below to read more.

  Payment Instrument Region
Apple Pay Apple Pay EarthIcon
Card Card EarthIcon
Click to Pay Click to Pay EarthIcon
Google Pay Google Pay EarthIcon
MobilePay MobilePay
Swedbank Pay Swedbank Pay Installment Account
Swedbank Pay Swedbank Pay Invoice
Swedbank Pay Swedbank Pay Monthly Payments
Swish Swish
Trustly Trustly
Vipps Vipps