Digital Payments


A brief introduction to implementing Digital Payments.

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Why Swedbank Pay?

  • Get all your payment needs from one provider
  • Manage all digital sales channels through one platform
  • Customize your payment menu
  • Ensure ease of use for everyone with the latest accessibility standards (WCAG)
  • Simplify your financial management with one payout and one report
  • Enjoy uninterrupted service
  • Get started quickly

There are three ways of implementing our digital payments, depending on what suits you best. The native implementation, which goes directly towards our APIs, modules (WooCommerce) or SDKs (.NET or Java).

The modules and SDKs have their own section, which is where you need to go if you are planning on using them. A bit less flexible than the native API option, but a lower threshold to get going.

If you are looking for the native implementation, we have everything you need in this section. We recommend getting started here.

API Platform Use Cases


This implementation is available in Danish da-DK, English (US) en-US, Finnish fi-FI, Norwegian nb-NO, and Swedish sv-SE. You can choose the contents of your payment UI from the following payment methods, somewhat depending on which countries you are operating.


Digital Wallets: Some of the digital wallets we offer require you to take additional steps before we can activate them for you. Please follow the link(s) in the table below to read more.

  Payment Method Region
Apple Pay Apple Pay EarthIcon
Card Card EarthIcon
Click to Pay Click to Pay EarthIcon
Google Pay Google Pay EarthIcon
MobilePay MobilePay
Swedbank Pay Swedbank Pay Installment Account
Swedbank Pay Swedbank Pay Invoice
Swedbank Pay Swedbank Pay Monthly Payments
Swish Swish
Trustly Trustly
Vipps Vipps