Digital Payments


The merchant’s reference for a specific payment.

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Payee Reference

The payeeReference given when creating transactions and payments has some specific processing rules depending on specifications in the contract.

  • It must be unique for every operation, used to ensure exactly-once delivery of a transactional operation from the merchant system.
  • Its length and content validation is dependent on whether the transaction.number or the payeeReference is sent to the acquirer.
    1. If you select Option A in the settlement process (Swedbank Pay will handle the settlement), Swedbank Pay will send the transaction.number to the acquirer and the payeeReference must be in the format of characters A-Za-z0-9 and string(30).
    2. If you select Option B in the settlement process (you will handle the settlement yourself), Swedbank Pay will send the payeeReference to the acquirer and it will be limited to the format of string(12) and all characters must be digits.