Transactions states

Possible states of the payments and transactions.

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Payment And Transaction States

Both payments and transactions can be in several different states during the course of a purchase. You can find a short description of each state below.

Payment States

  • ready means that the payment has been created successfully, and is now ready for further transaction operations, like authorization, sale or abort.

  • failed means that something went wrong during the payment process, and no further transactions can be created if the payment is in this state. Examples of possible failures are triggering of anti-fraud protection or if the payer reaches the maximum number of attempts for a given payment.

  • aborted means that the merchant has aborted the payment before the payer has fulfilled the payment process. Aborting a payment is done by performing the update-payment-abort operation.

  • pending is the state of a payment when a transaction is in an initialized state. See more below. As long as a payment is pending, no further transactions can be done.

If you want to inspect the transactional status of a payment, read about the paid-payment, failed-payment and aborted-payment operations.

Transaction States

  • ìntialized is the transaction state when something unexpected occurred, and it is impossible to determine the exact status of the transaction. An example of this can be a network failure. No further actions can be done on a payment with a transaction in this state.

  • completed means that the transaction has reached its intended purpose. An authorization will be completed when the funds have been authorized, a capture will be completed when the funds have been captured and a reversal will be completed when the payer has been refunded.

  • failed means that the transaction has failed. The state is final for that specific transaction, but given that the payment is operational, it is possible to perform more transactions on the same payment, i.e. retry the authorization with another card. If the payer reaches the maximum amount of retries, the payment itself will be set to failed.

  • awaitingActivity is in use for a selection of payment methods. A transaction reaches this state when a payer is sent away from Swedbank Pay to do a confirmation or verification. Examples of this can be payment apps like Swish, Vipps or MobilePay, or 3-D Secure verifications for card payments.