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The Continue method is only relevant if card has been read before amount and lets the terminal proceed with PIN dialog.

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Method Signature

  • void Continue()


When a card has been read using GetPaymentInstrument and the amount is still not known, this method will let the terminal to proceed with PIN dialog if appropriate. For contactless the terminal will wait for an amount.

participant SaleSystem
participant SDK
participant Terminal
    activate SDK
    SaleSystem->>SDK: GetPaymentInstrument()
    SDK->>Terminal: CardAcquisition
    Note over Terminal: "Wait for card"
    Terminal->>SDK: CardAcquisitionResponse
    deactivate SDK
    Note left of Terminal: Chip card read
    SDK->>SaleSystem: GetPaymentInstrumentResult
    Note over Terminal: "Please wait"
    SaleSystem->>SDK: Continue()
    Note over Terminal: "Enter PIN"