Get Started

The Basics

Everything you need to set up a basic payment integration

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Get Started is a guide for the native API implementation of Digital Payments. Modules and SDKs have their own section.


To start integrating Swedbank Pay Digital Payments, you need the following:

  • HTTPS enabled web server.
  • Agreement that includes Swedbank Pay Checkout.
  • Obtained credentials (Merchant Access Token) from Swedbank Pay through the Merchant Portal.

There are two versions of Digital Payments available in production at the moment. If you are a new merchant, you should implement v3.1. If you are an existing merchant, we recommend migrating to v3.1, but you are still able to use v3.0. Reach out to your technical contact person for guidance regarding this. Unless stated otherwise by the presence of a separate v3.1 page, there are no differences between the two alternatives.

The Basic Implementation

The basic payment integration consists of 4 main steps. Creating the payment, displaying the payment UI, verifying the payment status and capturing the funds. Don’t hesitate with contacting us for further integration support.

Implementation steps

Initiate a Payment The first step is to initiate a payment. You have a selection of setups and use cases depending on your business model, like recurring and one-click payments - but for now we’ll stick to the basic payment.
Display UI Present a UI for your end user and customize for your needs. The main choice you have to make is between the seamless view or redirect integration. There are pros and cons to both.
Validate Status Validate the status of the purchase in order to take the right action before acting on the payment response.
Capture Capture the funds from a successful payment.

Get Ready To Go Live

A few more steps remain before your integration is ready to run in a production environment. Our technical onboarding managers are ready to assist you.

  • Acceptance tests

  • Contract details

  • Settlement and reconciliation

No need to worry about these steps just yet. We will walk you through everything when we get there.