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Split Settlement

A split option for merchants with several sub-merchants.

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Split Settlement

The split settlement feature is an easy way of doing settlements for companies with multiple sub-merchants. With only a few steps, the settlement process becomes more efficient with regards to invoicing, payouts and setup for both your sub-merchants and yourself.

In short, it is a settlement feature where a company with a website or an app can attach specific subsite numbers to sub-merchants selling their goods or services through the company. The subsite number is used to match the transactions with the correct sub-merchant, so the settlement is automatically split between them. If you run a site selling tickets to concerts, theaters, sporting events etc., each venue gets its own subsite number. If you run a funeral home, the sub-merchants can be everything from flower shops to charities.

What We Need From You As A Company

  • Submit a KYC (Know Your Customer) form for each sub-merchant you want to include. We will also do a KYC check on your sub-merchants, providing extra security for both of us.
  • Give every sub-merchant who sells goods/services through your website or in your app a unique subsite number. It must be in the format of A-Za-z0-9. This must be included in the KYC form. We recommend using the same customer number they have in your system.
  • Attach the subsite number to all the goods/services the sub-merchant sells through your website or app, so the goods/services can be matched to the correct merchant in our back office system.
  • A partner agreement is needed for automatic deduction of revenue cuts and fees.

How It Works

  1. We set up the sub-merchant subsite number in our system.
  2. You add the number in the request’s subsite field when you create the payment for the goods or service.
  3. The customer selects a payment method and completes the payment.
  4. The payment goes into a client funds account.
  5. Swedbank Pay matches the transaction with the sub-merchant using the subsite number.
  6. The settlement is split and connected to the correct sub-merchant.
  7. Revenue cuts for the super merchant and fees from Swedbank Pay are deducted automatically.
  8. Payout to the sub-merchant is done.

Create Request with Subsite

The subsite field will is added in the payeeInfo node. If you offer Amex as a card payment option, a siteId is added if you need to specify to Amex which sub-merchant the payment is intended for.


POST /psp/paymentorders HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer <AccessToken>
Content-Type: application/json;version=3.x/2.0      // Version optional for 3.0 and 2.0
    "payeeInfo": {
            "subsite": "MySubsite",
            "siteId": "MySiteId",
            "payeeId": "5cabf558-5283-482f-b252-4d58e06f6f3b",
            "payeeReference": "AB832",
            "payeeName": "Merchant1",
            "orderReference": "or-123456"
Required Field Type Description
  subsite string(40) The subsite field can be used to perform a split settlement on the payment. The different subsite values must be resolved with Swedbank Pay reconciliation before being used. If you send in an unknown subsite value, it will be ignored and the payment will be settled using the merchant’s default settlement account. Must be in the format of A-Za-z0-9.
  siteId string(15) siteId is used for split settlement transactions when you, as a merchant, need to specify towards AMEX which sub-merchant the transaction belongs to. Must be in the format of A-Za-z0-9.

The Upsides Of Split Settlement

Connecting sub-merchants to Swedbank Pay through the super merchant instead of having separate setups has a lot of pros:

  • You only need one agreement for each payment method (credit card, Vipps, Swish, MobilePay Online, invoice) and payment gateway.
  • You only need one acquiring agreement.
  • You only need one Vipps or Swish certificate.
  • You can add more payment methods easily, as it only has to be done once.
  • New sub-merchants can be set up quickly, as the only thing needed is a KYC form and a subsite number. This shortens the setup time to a matter of hours for both you and us.
  • The automatic settlement split and deduction of fees and revenue cuts minimizes the work for your accounting department, as you won’t have to invoice your sub-merchants.
  • The subsite split is available for all payment methods we offer on our eCom platform.

Split Settlement Admin Functions

With regards to admin functions, we offer a full integration towards our Merchant Portal system. This way, you do not have to log in to the Merchant Portal to perform these operations.

Capture And Cancel

Captures and cancels are done by the super merchant the same way as all other flows.


In cases where you need to do reversals, this will be performed by the super merchant. The reversal amount will be charged from the sub-merchants subsite number. If the sub-merchants balance is 0 (zero), the super merchant will be invoiced. The super merchant will in turn have to invoice this amount to the sub merchant.