Enterprise PayerReference

The Enterprise option when you don’t have a secure login or SSN.

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Enterprise PayerReference

If a merchant wants to use the Enterprise implementation and has a secure login, but doesn’t store the payer’s SSN, they can add a payerReference in the payer field of the payment request.

If the payerReference is present along with email and msisdn, the merchant won’t need to add a nationalIdentifier. Other than that, it is the same as a regular Redirect or Seamless View request using the Enterprise implementation.

If no consumer profile exists on the payerReference or email and msisdn, the payer will be asked to enter their social security number as shown below. This information is needed in order to store payment information. The payer will get the option to continue as a guest. When doing so, no payment information will be stored.

Payer is presented with SSN input or continue as guest